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Radiative Heat Flux

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Hello AcuSolver Users,


I got a problem with plotting out a radiative heat flux in my 3D model. I set up all boundary conditions within the model, tried to defined FSI as walls with radiation option, picked emissivity model, laminar flow and DO solver, but after calculations I cannot see nowhere the radiative and total heat flux densities... neither in HyperView nor AcuFieldView. 

Attaching simple scheme of my model. 

From the top, the boundary conditions are: top surface (radiation wall with fixed temeprature), solid (cannot define any radiation properties here), fluid (air), solid, bottom surface (radiation wall with zero heat flux).
Could you please tell me if I model it well? And how to plot aforementioned variables?





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uhmm ye, I knew that option, but I got in results an incident radiation distriution only with 0 value everywhere..  I think I might be doing something wrong with boundary condition definitions.. Hence, I decided to narrow down the domain of the analysis. There is left only the surface at the top, treated as wall BC with radiation on and temperature value fixed on 1000K, then fluid an it walls (zero heat flux, radiation on) and then the bottom surface with flux temperature BC set up on 0, and radiation on. I would like to investigate impact of particular fluxes (conductive, radiative) on the temperature variation accros the fluid. Maybe there are some options I have to additionally turn on? 







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