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Dear Experts, 

I am looking to model induced voltage/current in a simple conductive closed loop which is in the vicinity of a high power carrying conductor. 

I've not been able to reliably model this scenario in FLUX. Any recommendation would he highly appreciated. 

Moreover,  I believe FLUX is software of choice considering that the frequency is at 60 Hz (Power frequency). Since this is a time varying phenomenon, I believe transient magnetic is the choice for physics.  

Please advise


Thanks and Best Regards


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Dear Balaji,

I am not sure to fully understand your questions.

I think that all your commentaries are correct, a transient magnetic simulation in Flux seems the best way to manage this kind of simulation.

I advise you to define the high-power conductor as non-meshed coil, since it is primarily an excitation.

The excited device/s can be defined either as solid conductor or coil conductor depending of its nature. You can also define a sensor to evaluate the flux embraced by the excited coil. From this sensor, you can evaluate the induced voltage. Moreover, if you have also defined a circuit for your excited conductor you will be able also to evaluate the parasitic current.

Hope this helps.

Best regards.


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