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When I run this command using below tcl

hv -b -tcl Image_Capture1.tcl example.modl example.res


This is the results log I see on my linux terminal:


Loading Report...
Applying Report...


It's stuck at "Ready" and unless I press Ctrl+c or enter it doesn't exit back to terminal. How can I make the code to exit to terminal after the proc is over?

proc BatchMain { } {
set inputdeck [lindex $::argv 6]
set resultfile [lindex $::argv 7]
puts $inputdeck
puts $resultfile
set t [::post::GetT]
hwi GetSessionHandle sess$t
sess$t GetProjectHandle proj$t
hwi OpenStack
sess$t LoadReport Batch_Process.tpl
sess$t ApplyReport Batch_Process replace true false 2 $inputdeck $resultfile
set numpages [proj$t GetNumberOfPages];
for {set i 1} {$i <= $numpages} {incr i} {
proj$t SetActivePage $i
proj$t GetPageHandle pg$t $i
pg$t Draw
pg$t ReleaseHandle
sess$t CaptureScreen png image_$i.png

hwi CloseStack
proj$t ReleaseHandle
sess$t Close





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