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i have solid component. having 6 holes . 2 holes having bolts.


i want find No of total holes and No of bolt holes like 6 and 2


how can we do this ...please help


I am using this script...

with this i can get to total number and and center of each hole...now how can i proceed..


i tried find attach option but did not work.


set centlst [];

*createmark surfs 1 all
hm_holedetectionsetentities surfs 1
hm_holedetectionsettubeparams tube_shape=2 tube_type=0
hm_holedetectionfindholes 4
set n [hm_holedetectiongetnumberofholes]
if { $n > 0 } {
puts "Number of holes = $n"
for {set i 0} {$i < $n} {incr i} {
lappend centlst [lindex  [hm_holedetectiongetholedetails $i]"3]



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It just detects holes but not bolts. You need a script to detect bolts. A simple case of bolt has 'hexagon head' that you can use to detect.

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