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Debdatta Sen

Magnitude & Phase output for FFT Function with Windowing

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Hi all,

I have a time domain curve which I would like to convert into frequency domain.

By doing so I would like to obtain the magnitude and phase output from the curve. 
I need the Windowing function as well. Something like what fft hanning does in HyperGraph.
Is there a similar function in Compose?
The output I need should have both Magnitude and Phase components, something like this:


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Hello Debdatta,


you can use the user defined function (attached to this reply) with this syntax:


[AmpFFT,PhFFT,f] = FFTeval(s,Fs);


s: your signal values

Fs: sampling frequency

AmpFFT: apmlitude of the single sided spectrum

PhFFT: Phase of the single sided spectrum

f: frquency vector


you can then plot your results:







Of course you can also apply windows to your signal. There are many built windows ready to be used.

Your script will be:


w = hann(numel(s),'periodic');  %window

s = s .* w;  % windowing 

[AmpFFT,PhFFT,f] = FFTeval(s,Fs);


Other windows you can use:  hamming, kaiser, blackman... (just look inside the SignalProcessing library)


Hope it helps,






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