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Dataset Sampling Including Extended Variables with AcuFieldView

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Hello everyone,


I am attempting to compare two different CFD simulation results to understand the change in resultant downforce at each wheel of a vehicle after adding components to the baseline vehicle. To do this, I have been trying to implement a custom function in AcuFieldView which would look something like this: 2:z-surface_traction-1:z-surface_traction. The two datasets have different grids however, so it is necessary to perform data sampling to make both datasets have the same grid. When the selected dataset is sampled, there is no option to read extended variables (z-surface_traction is an extended variable). Is there any way to include the extended variables when sampling datasets, or is there another way of being able to do this?


Thanks for your help,


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If you're just trying to look at differences in integrated values, you can view those separately with AcuProbe - and extract the curves.

If you want to view the contour differences and those variables aren't available through the direct .Log file read - you can use acuTrans to create the separate native FV format files to use in the dataset comparison instead.


acuTrans  -out  -to  info  -extout


will give you the list of variables and timesteps available.  Then from there you can create FV format files, indicating specific variables:


acuTrans  -out  -to  fieldview  -extout  -outv  surface_traction,velocity,pressure


After the -outv you just give a comma-separated list of the variables you want to include in the fv file - based on the list from the previous '-to info' command.

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