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TIE Contact on perpendicular 2D Meshes

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Hello Everyone,


I hope everyone is doing well.


I have come yet again with another quick question: I need to transfer loads between two geometries, which are meshed with shell elements and are perpendicular to one another. It looks like this:




They also have different element sizes and the line geometry of the left one cannot be properly projected onto the right one. Also, there is a gap of 10mm between them.


I decided to go for a TIE contact with contact surfaces, but somehow this configuration does not transfer loads at all or tie my parts together. I suspect it is because the contact surfaces are perpendicular? I have tried setting the search distance of the TIE much higher than the gap length, yet to no avail.

Seam Connector is also not working for me, I just cannot get them to be realized.


- Can I somehow improve the modelling so that I may use contact surfaces for TIEing my parts?

- How would you try to connect these parts given the circumstances?


Any help would be fantastic! Thanks in Advance and best Regards,



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Hi Lennart,


TIE contact with node to surface can be used in this case. You can have :

Slaves- front row of nodes of blue component

Master- Elements of purple component


And the gap between the components should be used as search distance.


Thank You

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Dear PrasannaK,


Thanks a lot for that, it worked!
I have created a contactsurf with the 3D solids and then "free edges" option and connected that to the surface of the other component with the appropriate search distance.

Thank you!

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