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Read M, K and C matrices and compute energy of each DOF

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Hello, community.


@Kosuke IKEDA and I recently worked on a DMIGPCH reader for OML. It is an output file from OptiStruct with reduced M (mass), K (stiffness) and C (damping) matrices that can be fed into external data files to be used in subsequent analyses.


These are ASCII files whose tags MAAX, KAAX and BAAX identify what is data from mass, stiffness and damping, respectively:


Each value represents the nodal real value of the matrix. With it, it's possible to compute the eigen values and energy distribution of each degree of freedom.





stc_readDMIGPCH_rev3.oml forum_sample_AX.pch

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Based on the same script, @Kosuke IKEDA created an example connecting OptiStruct Activate, where K, M and C matrices were converted from OS to ABCD matrices (state-space system):


Which may be imported in Activate then.


The impulse response results match OS transient:





hm_plate_cms_AX.pch io_def.txt stc_DMIGPCH2ABCD_rev1.oml

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