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Postprocessing from SPH-Model in Paraview

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Hello everyone,


i hope i am not wrong with this topic here.


When I export my SPH-Model from SimLab to .cfg and .txt file there is the option to export the stl file for the motions.

When I load the .cfg File in paraview it finds the stl file and the parts are visualized. But when i hit play and want to see the motions (in this cas the rotation of to gears) nothing happens.


Does anyone know anything about this issue?


Thank you very much!

STL_GEOMETRY.zip Gearbox.cfg

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Hello. I have noticed that your entire case seems to be in meters. That means that your dx = 1 [m] and that your domain spans from -180 [m] to 460 [m] in y-direction, implying your gearbox simulation is operating on a kilometre scale.


Now, I imported the stl files you sent in ParaView and noticed that their scales are normal, meaning spanning approx. -0.15 [m] to 0.4 [m]. Your motion definition in the .cfg file is also in [m], with the center of rotation for one of the gears being located at coordinates (-256.153, 249.956, 49.9558) meters. 


Basically it is very likely that this scale discrepancy is causing you some trouble.


Hope this helps.

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