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Variable load Distributed in Simlab?

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i'm not expert in SL, but i believe you will need to create a small table for that, as a reference for SL to interpolate your forces over your body/face.


You can input your extreme values (with coordinates) and SL will interpolate them for you.


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Thanks Adriano for your help.

However, this is manual process (key in each nodes each load magnitude). If I have 1000 nodes, this approach is very boring.

I would like to do like using position variables, such as: 10N x (X-100).

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SimLab does not have equation support to apply variable distribution load in automatic way. 


Please let know the customer details and priority for this, based on that we will support this in future versions. 





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hi @alpha


For what i understand, although you don't have access to a direct equation, you would be able to create a few points only manually, and then get them interpolated, that's why i've suggested you the 'as a function of XYZ'.

I'm assuming that you could calculate manually a few values and give them as "boundaries" for the algorithm.

Again, i'm not specialist in SL, but I beliebe it might work.

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