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Hello all,

I'm doing a motion analysis of a Bicycle frame where I have to analyze a motion of the frame and  find the force on suspension entity also to find the displacement of suspension entity. I want the Rod marked near the "1" should move along the curve. I've tried a lot but ended up wrong. Please, provide me with proper guidance. Please check whether the constraints I've given is correct or not...  Please, refer the figures below...

I want the rod 1 to move along the curve and reach position 2 and comeback the same.

Please, help me to select the proper interpolation and Independent variable.

Thank you for your valuable time... :)

Fig. 1



Fig. 2



Fig. 3





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1.  It's not possible to check your constraints from just a screen shot.  One tip though, if you have constrained your model such that it is a pure kinematic solution (the information in the .log file will tell you) then you may not get the correct loads.  A kinematic analysis is solving equations for position only, it's not solving F=ma


2. The problem is with the motion definition.

In the current way you have it set up, the independent variable is 20d*sin(1*pi*Time).  This should have been left as default `TIME`.  Then in your curve definition (which you do not show), you can define the curve itself, either using math (via the expression shown), or reading in an external file, or by values.


I would recommend using an expression to define your motion. You need to switch the Motion type from define by Curve, to Define by Expression.  Then, you can input the expression as shown in your model.


The very first MotionView tutorial (MV-1000 Interactive Model Building) has an example of how to do this.  Page 17 of the tutorial will have the details, but if you have not gone through this tutorial, I would suggest starting from the beginning.



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