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just as a hint that i've received from a colleague:


Most of the examples start from a "preview" frame, in HWTK gallery, which is not available in a regular HM session.


So in order to use some widget, always create first a window/dialog, then start adding your buttons, checks, ...


In the example, 'recess' is the name of the frame/dialog


hwtk::dialog .d -title Dialog -transient [winfo toplevel $w]
.d hide apply
.d post
set recess [.d recess]



after that, add your other statments.


set w [hwtk::labelframe $recess.lf -text "Saftey Check" -padding 2]
pack $w -anchor nw -pady 4 -padx 4

set i 0
foreach option {"Wipers OK" "Lights OK" "Brakes OK" "Driver Sober"} {
    set cb [hwtk::checkbutton $w.b$i -text $option]
    pack $cb -side top -fill x -pady 2 -padx 4
    incr i }

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Many thanks Adriano, 


Am typically used to creating windows using 

destroy .selection
set f .selection;
frame $f
hm_framework addpanel $f "Tool Selection";
hm_framework drawpanel $f;


Although I will give your version a go. 


Something which does bother me is the padding 

"pack $cb -side top -fill x -pady 2 -padx 4"


Say I have 20 options and I use this code, a column of 6 tickboxes will appear in the window and the rest will simply not appear What I would like it to do is create columns. How do I get it to create several columns?





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