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Im working on simulation for induction motor. But i'm little bit confused with making a circuit. The example A is from flux tutorial and B is something what i made.

1. In example A, is this circuit represent star connection of stator (all coil conductor connected in one point and one ground) or can i connected them seperate like is example B (every circuit, coil have ground connection) and what is the diffrence ?

2. How to connect squirrel cage. Are he need to bee connected to the circuit like in example A or can he be connected separately to the ground like a example B ?

Thank you,

Best regards.


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If the you supply with balanced three phase current system, A or B are OK. If you supply with Voltage sources, you need to use A. But why do you want to use B configuration ?


Please find bellow the answers to your questions:


1- A is a star connection, but you need to add in parallel a big resistance:




2- The squirrel cage component need to be connected to the ground, so even in Circuit A, you can connect it seprately to the ground.




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