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[Solved] Mesh extrusion HM Desktop

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Hi everyone,

I am on my self paced meshing training using HM desktop. I would like to do 2D cfd simulation. How to do mesh extrusion in HM and reorganize the element to the respective surface (inflow, outflow etc)? In AcuConsole, there is mesh extrusion, is the extrusion feature available in HM as well?


I mesh the top first (as shown below) then want to extrude -0.2 m in z direction. then it become volume element. i not sure how reorganize element for surface boundary condition such as inflow, outflow etc which required 2D element.


Btw, is mesh extrusion available in HM CFD?

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hi Nadzrin,
mesh extrusion controls is not available in both Hm classic and HW CFD.
For 2D simulation, with HyperMesh,  you can use "drag" element to extrude the 2D mesh become 3D.

After you had 3D mesh >> remove the original 2D mesh >> rebuild 2D mesh for the entire domain (using Face command)


Finally, create some component (inlet, outlet, slip, wall) >> organize the elements into appropriate components (Shift F11 - Organize command)

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