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Error: Data source, file not found ERROR Hyperstudy-FluxMotor

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I am doing Hyperstudy simulations of FluxMotor cases and I get many errors from “Error: Data source ((ds_)) file not found” (see image)


I would like to know how to improve this. If it is due to PC requirements problems, not enough memory,  or another cause. ( I have 16Gb, Intel Core i7-3720  procesator 2.6 GHz, running 200 simulations at time)

Please if you could give me a hint, since I am getting only 30% of the simulations Success, and it is time that I am losing.


Another question: There are cases where there is an Failture in "Execute", but in "Extract" is shown as "Success" (see image). How is that possible?


Thank you very much in advance.



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The cause of the error is that when the software is trying to find the file hst_output.hstp
of the simulation, it does not appear  because tere was not created (not in the folder ie: \ run__00092)

and it gives an error message in that folder inside a file task__exe_err.txt:



" The test Performance mapping, Sine wave, Motor, Efficiency map failed due to the following problem:


Cause : Unknown error


Type : Unknown#100.18.39"

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