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Hello All

Hope you are doing well!!


Actually i am very to new motionview in Altair,We are going to participate in Baja Compitation,I was planning do View in Motion View,But i got some files from Altair Student Library,But the below error was showing when i was opening file.

I have seen many youtube videos but no use i was opening/importing the file same manner could please help out in this.

Screenshot (177).png

Screenshot (178).png

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Could you elaborate more on the files you are trying to open?  If these are .mdl files (the model language of MotionView), you do not want to "Import" the model.  Just use File -> Open.


If you are have a wizard library (I think the Baja libraries are in this format), then you need to setup MotionView to point to the path locations of the model wizard, task wizard, and the library folder itself.  The menu to make these changes is located under Model -> Set Wizard paths.  Then change the selection from Car/Small Truck to User/Custom library, and then pick the new pathnames to the Baja libraries.

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Hello Ganesh - You might have obtained the files from https://altairuniversity.com/vehicle-library-user-guide-2/

These files are part of the Baja and Formula SAE libraries. They are definition files that is used to assemble a half car or a full vehicle model. These files cannot be directly opened using "Open Model" or "Import Model" functions.

There are training videos that show how these libraries can be used. I would recommend you to go through these materials.


Good luck!




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