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Regarding Composite optimization in optistruct

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Hello everyone,
As i am working on a composite optimization in optistruct, I have a model on which i have two load cases at the moment, I will try to state the problem in briefly,
1.My aim is to get the displacement at a range between 15 to 18mm in one load case and in the second load case which is Non-linear it should be below 40mm.
2. I have to consider the composite failure as well in my model which is PUCK failure.
3. I am working with the free size, size and shuffle optimization before doing the optimization i run the basis analysis of my model and i am getting the displacement for the first load case is around 14mm and for the second one is 38mm.
4. I have tried with so many possibilities during the optimization but didnt get the solution. I kept response as compliance, static displacement, and composite failure. I am bit confused whether this responses are correct for my case or not.
5. Constraints i give for displacement. Objective is to minimiese compliance.
I look forward for your reply it would be very helpful if someone give your advice on this concern.

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