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Debdatta Sen

Understanding the output of 'gettypelist'

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Using the attached script, I request the data type list present in the d3plot File (also attached:Bumper.7z), and I store the first element in a variable.
I would like to comapre it with an input string.
Apparently the dimensions are different:




Does anyone have an idea what I am doing wrong?

I am not sure what type is being returned by the command 'gettypename'.

I presumed it should be a string, which I could compare with other strings.


Best Regards,







Bumper.7z dataType.oml

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Hi Debdatta,

the if statement "dataTypeName==search" compares number of characters in both variables.  That's the reason why the error raised.

Instead use "strcmpi" which compares the characters itself in variables  


if strcmpi(dataTypeName,search) == 1

% 1 == logical yes if both variables are identical
    printf('Stress result found!')




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