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Filter Results and Analysis from Hyperstudy Simulation

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I am doing a simulation with FluxMotor exporting the values to Hyperstudy to run DOEs




I want to run three combined FluxMotor simulations on Hyperstudy.


What I do is export the values from FluxMotor to Hyperstudy with all three types of simulations.(I create 3 files .fm2hst and then import them in Hyperstudy)




And I seteach simulation with its input values.


When I start the run in Hyperstudy, it runs 3 times, once for each simulation (Cogging torque, Back EMF and SineWave)


The problem I have is that when it shows me the results (for example from the Pareto plot) it mixes all the values(output results) from the three simulations. (see that there are two values of Conductor No turn per Coils. Hyperstudy is comparing the results of one simulation - turn per coils of Cogging Torque for example- with another simulation - turn per coils of BackEMF for example).


I would like to know if there is a way to filter these results, selecting only the simulation values that I want to compare.


I dont want the analysis of different simulations (mixing simulations and results) because it doesn't make sense.




All this I do it so I dont want to do 3 simulations separately but if there is no other option, I will have to do them separately


Thnk you in advance.



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