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Bolt creation for LS-Dyna in Connector Browser

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I am a new HyperMesh user and am learning it in context for LS-Dyna.

When creating a bolt though the connectors browser for LS-Dyna the only type available is a spider type (I assume this just creates a Constrained Nodal Rigid Body between the two parts).

When under the Radioss user profile making the same selection brings up many other bolt types, one of which is GENERAL which creates a spider at each end with a beam in the middle, exaclty what I want.

Is the fact that Hypermesh does not create this same bolt type for LS-Dyna a limitation of Hypermesh or of LS-Dyna?

I can go and create the bolt manually for dyna in a caouple of steps so I'm not sure why it would not be possible in Hypermesh for the Dyna profile?

Is this functionality going to be added for Dyna or am I missing something completely?


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hi Rich Smith,

you can create your own custom types of bolt by editing the file feconfig.cfg inside ..\hm\bin\win32 ,

if you open this file and see, dyna has very few types, compared to all others

dont ask me why, you should ask that to altair, maybe they want to promote their own radioss compared to dyna :-k :-# o:)

what you can try is

1. take a backup of the file

2. go to radioss section and copy the type you want and paste it to dyna

3. now try it in dyna

will this work or not, i am not sure, try at your own risk,

or else you can create them in radioss, then change preference back to dyna and hope that the connectors change properly to dyna

-- cae.developer@gmail.com

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