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Processing results in Hypergraph/ Hyperview

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I'm pretty new with Hypergraph and Hyperview; and would appreciate some advice on results manipulation.

Basically, I'd like to enter a list of nodes list into Hypergraph and have Hypergraph plot the sum of the contact forces acting on this set of nodes at each time step against the displacement of one of the nodes at each time step.

When I contacted Hyperworks support, they told me I'd have to create a tcl file. Unfortunately, I can't find anyone in my department who knows how to do what I want. Has anyone done something similar before, who wouldn't mind sharing their tcl/ macro file with me and explaining how to put it into Hypergraph and execute it.

If there's a way to achieve a similar result in Hyperview and export the values to Excel to create graphs, I'd be gratefult to hear that too.


Incase it's important:

I am using the implicit features in RADIOSS Block 90 to solve my model.

At the moment I am extracting data for use in Hypergraph from the .h3d file produced by RADIOSS.

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