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Restarting Simulations

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Firstly I apologies for what is probably a really simple question but the solution is eluding me.

I am running some impact simulations in Radioss after pre processing in hypermesh and setting the conditions in hypercrash. The simulations work fine, but they take rather a long time so I was wondering if I could pause them and restart later?

I see that the solver writes a .rst file every so often but nothing I do seems to get it to continue. I am using radioss block 100 if that makes any difference.

Thanks for any help

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To stop and start simulation you have to create a control file. See this section of Radioss help,

Home topic Reference Guide > Block Format > Other Files: Control File (C-File)

The control file has the .ctl extension with the same prefix as you engine file.

So if your engine file is name, mymodel_0001.rad, then you control file would be mymodel_0001.ctl.

Create the *.ctl file and put the word /STOP on the first line and save file. Radioss looks for the *.clt file while running and will then stop. When it stops RAdioss will create a *.rst which is restart file.

Then if you need to start you simulation again, create a new engine file increasing the number by 1. Easiest thing is to,

copy your mymodel_0001.rad file to the name mymodel_0002.rad.

Then edit the mymodel_0002.rad file and change the line,

/RUN/mymodel/1/ to /RUN/mymodel/2/

Last, to restart your run use the -engine option and give your new engine file like this,

radioss -engine mymodel_0002.rad

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I forgot to mention if you are using Radioss 11 you can launch jobs through the new solver GUI and there are options to create the control file and /STOP from within the GUI. On Linux you start the GUI using, radios -gui. On windows you start the GUI from using the start menu shortcuts. You have to check the box that is marked solver control.

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