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"Use corner data" check box

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Dear all,

Can anyone tell me what happens when I don't check the "Use corner data"? Why the results are so different.

I'm evaluating a beam with a bending load and comparing the results with the analytical solution, using corner data on, with simple averaging the results match the analytical solution exactly! With "Use corner data" off, the results diverge a bit...

I'm using solid elements (C3D8I from Abaqus).

If someone has done a study about this, please tell me your experience.

Thanks a lot...

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Hi PCampos,

If you don't check "use corner data" you get the element stresses at the center (one value).

If you check "use corner data" you get normaly the stresses depended from the requested datas.

CORNER or BILIN: Element stresses for shell and solid elements are output at the element center and grid points using bilinear extrapolation. (stresses are calculated at the integration points)

I don't know what happens with beam elements.



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