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RADIOSS Automatic Chain Run

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I have several analysis and am thinking of running them automatically one after another overnight. In the RADIOSS user guide there is one topic that discuss this option, but unfortunately the given example is for linux. As i'm not so good with LINUX and WINDOWS customization, i hope some of you could help me to set the script for WINDOWS 7.

The step for LINUX is as follows:

"How to chain several runs one after each other, automatically?

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You can chain several runs one after each other by creating a script file with all the commands to execute; when executing the script, these commands will execute one after each other.

In case of a UNIX or LINUX system, write on the first line of a file:

#! /bin/csh

This means that this script will be read by the csh interpreter. Then write the commands for running the computations.

Below is an example of a so-called “my_script” script file.


setenv RADFLEX_PATH $ALTAIR_HOME/hwsolvers/bin/linux32/

cd case1

s10_p4linux9 -i CASE1_0000.rad

e10_p4linux9 -i CASE1_0001.rad

e10_p4linux9 -i CASE1_0002.rad

cd case2

s10_p4linux9 -i CASE2_0000.rad

e10_p4linux9 -i CASE2_0001.rad

Then give the right for executing this file as follows:

chmod +x my_script

Finally, you can execute the script file with the command:


Thank you very much in advance.

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If you have the latest version of the HyerWorks solvers installed, (HW11.0.220-HWSolvers) then start the solver gui and it will manage launching jobs sequentially as you want to do. On Windows you click the Radioss options from the HyperWorks menu.

On Linux you can start the GUI by using, install_directory/altair/scripts/radioss -gui

In the solver gui select the files you want to run, enter options then click Run. Do this with each file you want to run and it will run the first one and queue the next ones and run them after.

If you are unable to install the update, then I would create a *.bat file on Windows and put the commands to run the programs in there. Do an Internet search to learn more about *.bat files.

In your BAT file you would use this command to In this case, I would use this command in your BAT file to launch both the starter and the engine files for each run. The -both option runs both the starter and the engine and the -nt will use 2 processors if you have a core machine.

"C:\Program Files\Altair\11.0\hwsolvers\bin\win64\radioss.bat" -both -nt 2 c:\run1\myrun1_0000.rad

"C:\Program Files\Altair\11.0\hwsolvers\bin\win64\radioss.bat" -both -nt 2 c:\run2\myrun2_0000.rad

"C:\Program Files\Altair\11.0\hwsolvers\bin\win64\radioss.bat" -both -nt 2 c:\run2\myrun2_0000.rad



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I'm relauching this topic again to add some details about "how to run multi jobs in batch with Radioss". This might be helpful for you. I also have one quesiton.

In order to run multiple Jobs in batch with Radioss, the commande CALL should be written before each command lines "C:\ ..."


My question is : Does anybody knows what command to use in order to check available licences. Thus waiting for available licences to run the jobs.


Thank you very much in advance.


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Hi Alexandre,

In linux, you need to go the location where licensing is done. For eg. in my case  the following gives the license status:

cd  /usr/local/altair/licensing12.1/bin/

./almutil -licstat

for more help , write ./almutil -help (i. replacing licstat by help) 

make a script of it so that you need not enter this path every time.

In windows, you can use the license manager directly to check the status.



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