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Manual Report Generation

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I need to generate a report. This what I did

1.I exported the file from vwt. (.par & .nas )

2. I meshed using acuMeshSim command in one cluster &  generated the MESH.DIR & inp file. after it generated I cancelled the run

3. I uploaded the inp file & MESH.DIR to another cluster, ran the analysis. Its completed.


Now I want to generate a report with the data. How to do it ? Which command should I use. its a linux based cluster.

I've tried "/users/soft/altair/12.0/acusolve/linux64/plugins/bin/acuVwtReport" . Its not working in the cluster. 


Or Is there any other option to automatically generate the pressure, velocity, y+, streamlines plot in the cluster ?


Please tell me what to do. 

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The following works on my linux workstation:




 /soft/altair/acusolve/linux64/plugins/bin/acuVwtReport /home/vwt_runs/VWT_3-4-2014_6-35-11 vwtAnalysis sub


check if xvfb service is running on the linux machine

ps -ef | grep -i vfb






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I'm getting - Xvfb failed to start message


when i enter ps -ef | grep -i vfb , I'm getting this:

abhim  13138  4987  0 05:48 pts/5    00:00:00 grep -i vfb


How to start the service ?



if i enter the command without "sub" at the end. I'm getting this error:

Set Up

Log File = _undefined.1.Log 

Traceback (most recent call last):

  File "<string>", line 1, in ?

  File "repMain.py", line 104, in ?

  File "repWin.py", line 138, in run

  File "repWin.py", line 402, in compileAndRun

  File "<string>", line 1649, in ?

ValueError: need more than 2 values to unpack 

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