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There are a number of posts in this forum regarding RESTART.  Please refer to the following for some introductory information: 




That will cover the situation where you are trying to perform a restart with some changes to the simulation.  A simpler case is if you just want to restart the simulation without any changes.  In that case you can just execute:  acuRun -restart.

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The use of the restart functionality requires that you have written "Restart Output" to disk.  Here is how it works:


1.)  When AcuSolve runs, it periodically writes files to disk that include all information necessary to restart a simulation.  The frequency at which these files are written is controlled by the RESTART_OUTPUT command.  This is set in the AcuConsole model tree under Global-->Output-->Restart Output.  If you are working directly from the AcuSolve input file, you would set the following to write the output every 5 steps:


    output_frequency                   = 5


2.)  When you are ready to restart your simulation, you can tell AcuConsole which step you want to restart from by using the "From time step" entry in the "Restart" tab of the "Launch AcuSolve panel".  This step must correspond to one of the steps that was written to disk by the RESTART_OUTPUT command, or it will issue an error and exit.  If you are working from the input file directly, the only commands you need to have present are the following:

File "restart.inp":



     from_time_step = 15




Then, you can run the solver with the following command:  acuRun -pb test -inp restart.inp.


I'm having some issues with uploading attachments, so I don't have any images for you right now.  I'll try to get some in place later if things still aren't clear.

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